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Dear friends of wonderful music,

We know that buying speakers is a very personal and passionate undertaking. We want to give you some information into our company and our approach to music. At the heart of everything we do is the total love and commitment to planar ribbon speakers in the style of Apogee Acoustics (1981 to 1999).

We own every model the company ever made, tried for years (since 2010) to optimize their usage and restored many of them over the years. During our adventures we found ways to further improve the original design. Primary aspects include the removal of failure points in the speakers, structural rigidity, precision making ribbon drivers and using much improved parts over the original.

We offer brand new build and machined speakers with unique features such as double sided bass ribbons, neodymium magnet structures, top quality crossover parts (example: Jantzen Superior Z, MultiCap and others) build from solid blocks of aluminium. All speakers come with a 3 year limited warranty and ship in flight cases.

Our products are designed by a global team and proudly engineered and manufactured in Viet Nam. With every purchase we support a local charity in Viet Nam because we believe in family and friends!

If you buy a Clarisys Audio product, you do not only buy another speaker, you buy into a family with the support of "Audio Freaks" who will ensure that you enjoy your experience.

-“Both models—the Auditorium in a large space and the Minuets in a typical hotel guest room—manifested pretty much limitless dynamic range, subterranean bass, and realistically precise imaging. This is a brand that will be going places on this side of the Atlantic.” - Andrew Quint

-“Bass was authoritatively deep and articulate and, with my chronic orchestral reference selection (the Haitink/Concertgebouw recording of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 15), the opening glockenspiel notes were stunningly precise. The hard-hitting rock virtuosity of the band Polyphia, on a track called “Playing God” that was requested by another listener, registered at a very visceral level. Everything I heard played through this system was, at once, involving yet nonfatiguing.” - Andrew Quint

-The 2023 Florida International Audio Expo | Alan Taffel And Andrew Quint Report from the Show with a (Slightly) New Name - The Absolute Sound

-A wonderful listening experience with our Classic Minuet at our partners from PUUR Audio. Read the article from Christiaan Punter over at HiFi-Advice.

In case of questions, we are here for you!

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