Concert in your living room


Welcome to the big league, the masterclass in the Clarisys Audio world.
This model features some unique design properties not found in other planar speakers currently on the market which enhances your listening pleasure.

  • World premiere at VDM Sound Rome, October 13th to 15th 2022
  • Cost No Object Show at Alpha High End November 20th and 27th 2022
  • USA Premiere at the Florida International Audio Show (February 17th until February 19th)

This model uses a double sided bass panel, which allows for more current to flow through the panel and react more accurate in the magnetic field plus being an easier to drive impedance. Our ribbon midrange starts at 300Hz and is a multi segmented 7 trace design with 42mm width! This is the widest ribbon midrange ever put into a speaker. The three trace ribbon tweeter starts at 9000Hz and plays open end. The entire speaker is very rigid and has no flex! The only parts moving are the panels, and nothing else! We use high quality copper foil internal wiring, point to point to ensure exceptional signal transfer and musicality. Each speaker weighs 230kg plus external crossover.

  • You can also order this speaker in any color you wish at no extra charge, just submit the RAL color code to your dealer. There are also special finishes available like Carbon Fibre!
  • There is an option to make the speaker even more easy to drive and very suitable for tube amps. The speaker can be build using rare earth magnets, neodymium. This pushes the efficiency of the speaker to over 90dB per Watt at 1m and allows the use of tube amplifiers with a matching 4ohm output transformer. This option is an additional 25% extra cost due to the material price and additional constructional effort to secure the magnets in place.

These speakers sound like the absolute thunder when needed! Large scale and complex music is rendered with absolute ease and with zero stress on you. You will enjoy music for hours and never get tired. Musical, organic and lightning fast is how we describe this speaker. You can run techno music with over 100db on it, and it will do it just as well as a single violin singing beautifully in the chamber. 

Every driver is from the same material with the same motor structure. If you play any type of instrument, it will have the same harmonics over the entire spectrum, just like a single driver design but with real live dynamics and tone. 

  • Height: 203 cm
  • Depth: 11 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Weight: 220 kg a piece without packaging
  • System: 3 way design, passive external crossover with top level components. All caps from Jantzen Superior Z, Multicap and custom build inductors and resistors.
  • Nominal Impedance: 6ohm (Basspanel is 9 ohm; Midrange is 4 ohm and Treble is 3.3 ohm)
  • Efficiency: 88db @ 3m (Pink Noise, normal listening room with 35 m2, circa. 1 Watt Input) 
  • Frequency Range: Below 20Hz to over 20KHz